Using Mediumship To Heal You

Using mediumship to heal you can be very powerful. Finding the right medium to help can also be very daunting.

Many years ago, I was struggling with life, feeling lost. I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and at the end of my tether. Trying to think of ways I could end it all. That was when I visited my first spiritual medium.  

The reading was not what I expected. My family confirmed that the information I didn’t understand was correct. The only way she could have known it was by speaking to my departed loved ones.

She helped me on my road to recovery. I began to heal from the past and move on to find a better and phenomenally brighter future.  

It was astounding. Curious as to how she’d done the reading. I researched and did many courses before I eventually signed up for a psychic circle.  

I’ve been sitting in that circle on and off, for around six years and I know my soul purpose is to help others. With this in mind, I would love to share with you now a few tips to get the best results when using mediumship to heal you.

When deciding to work with a medium, whether this is a psychic or a spiritual medium and no matter how they work, or what tools they use, these should help you in your search.

Answer the medium’s questions 

The medium and their guides need to hear your voice to ensure the message is being delivered to the correct recipient and is accurate. It takes a lot of energy from both parties to provide a reading so please ensure you take part. Be honest, if the answer is no, say so.

Don’t feed the medium

Answer the medium’s questions but don’t go into detail. Let them tell you.

Be open-minded

Many people are sceptical when visiting a medium and very often fight against the information given. I know I was when I first went. My friend practically had to drag me there, but I’m so glad she did as it really did help me to heal. Go with an open mind. You may well find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Don’t rely entirely on the medium

Bear in mind also that it isn’t a failsafe one session answer to everything. You are responsible for your own life and destiny. Things often change with regard to future predictions, especially when other people are mentioned or concerned. The purpose of using mediumship to heal is to do exactly that, use it to help you heal, take from the reading all you can and all you need to be able to move forward in your life and let go of the past. It is not the intention that the reading takes over your life and you have to ‘make things happen or not, from the information the medium has given you.

Choose for yourself who to work with

Always choose the medium you are drawn to and would like to engage with. You will have a far better experience if you decide who to work with rather than letting someone else chose for you.

I use spiritual connections, cards and crystals in my readings and, they are all delivered in love and light and to help support my clients to move forward in their lives.

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Readings start at £10 per person. (Group sessions) or £30 for 1:1 sessions.

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Disclaimer; Reading are for entertainment purposes only.