Using Writing To Help Others Heal

I believe using writing and intuition to help others heal is my soul purpose in life. I have faced many changes in my life and career. 

Some of the catalysts which brought about these changes were forced. Others, conscious decisions. All were life-changing in some way whether small or large and all of them were blessings in disguise.


From an early age I’d suffered at the hands of bullies, I allowed it to carry on into my adult life too. Putting up with too much because I hadn’t got the confidence to stand up to them, my self worth at rock bottom. Going along with things for a quiet life, I drank, I smoked, I took drugs only prescription ones but drugs, all the same, to get through the day.

Scared to go to school, I’d make myself ill so that I could stay at home and not face them. Each time I found the strength from somewhere to move on, to walk away.

Suicidal thoughts

There were occasions where I had wanted to end it all. Particularly dark times when I felt there was no other alternative. With a little help from my friends, counsellors, therapists and family my confidence slowly started to build up and those thoughts were no longer at the forefront of my mind.

I used to write down these dark thoughts to help me move on from the torment in my mind. I now use writing to help others heal. You can read more about what I did with those scribblings here.


My initial reaction when I was told I had stage 4 endometriosis and would need a hysterectomy was shock, disbelief, fear but also a sense of relief that I finally had a diagnosis after being under the hospital for two years and suffering chronic pain for almost 30. Having no children I knew this would be life-changing and I had to prepare well mentally, physically and spiritually for it. The knock-on effect of a full hysterectomy such as the one I had, is the menopause and HRT.


I was disillusioned. Struggling to get up every morning to go to a job I hated and probably wasn’t very good at. Praying for redundancy, my wish came true in 2017. I’d been on long term sick leave twice, once with stress, anxiety & depression then after having had a hysterectomy. I was more of a liability than a help. Realising this, I took the chance at redundancy as soon as it became available. Then, I went into full-on panic mode. I lived alone, had no income, I spent my redundancy money and then some on many courses and items to set up my business, which failed, having spread myself too thinly. This is a good thing by the way. It taught me another lesson and pushed me to set up a new business using writing to help others heal.

Working abroad

When the opportunity to work abroad landed in my lap I jumped at it. Panicked, again but I went for it. I put the business on hold, went away to find me and while I was at it, try and find a way I could help others without destroying myself.

Surviving my first season as a holiday rep, I loved the lifestyle it afforded me. I was lucky enough to get the placement I wanted for my next season. I came home for Christmas, closed the business and went abroad again, for all of three months until COVID 19 reared its ugly head. Repatriated. No job. No income but lucky enough to have a roof over my head I began writing my first novel with the intention of it helping me but move on, unearth my self worth and continue to live a life I loved but also, to help others do the same.

Finding Myself

The hard slog of working abroad opened my eyes to the endless possibilities available to me. The lifestyle choices I could make if I wanted to. The realisation that nothing external was going to make me happy. I had to find it from within. Only then was I able to make a difference. 


So what now, what next? My skills are many and varied and I believe my soul purpose is to help others. I’ve now published the first in a series of novels each covering different areas of my life and some of them told from other people’s viewpoint. The opportunities showing up for me now I am using writing ot help others heal and I have found the peace and love from within are unbelievable. My intention is that my series of books is just the beginning of that particular chapter of my life.

You can read about why I wrote my first novel, here, or you can purchase the Book here.

If you would like further support and to work with me, please book a discovery call here or email me on lisa@test.lisambillingham.com