Katie A New Chapter

Why I Wrote My First Novel. Katie, A New Chapter

Katie, A New Chapter is the debut novel by author Lisa M Billingham. Here I share with you why I wrote my first novel.

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Perfect Timing

Covid 19 forced me to write my first novel. I decided many years ago to write a book. Mentioned it often enough to make friends roll their eyes. I could tell what they were thinking. Here she goes again, another hair-brained scheme and it was, at the time. I was already suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and low self-worth plus, I was about to go into hospital for a hysterectomy. Writing a book wasn’t an option. It is now. Having been repatriated to the UK from Fuerteventura, I had time on my hands. A lot of it. Now, using my creative skills to write the first in a series of novels. I have loved writing this one and, I intend for it to help others find their self worth and live a life they love.

I’m not creative

Several people have said I should use my creative skills to help others. I just looked at them with a blank expression as if they were mad. Creative skills. What creative skils? Always reading novels, it never occurred to me, that fiction writing was a creative skill. Drawing, painting and singing were what I considered to be the outlets for creatives. One day, I had a lightbulb moment, well, I had no choice really, being in lockdown. I needed to keep my mind active and ensure I didn’t slip back into depression. I did a fiction writing course which helped me to put my ideas into action. Walking each morning to find my inspiration, I began my writing journey.

Using writing to help you heal

Therapists, counsellors and coaches I have worked with at various times on my journey have all said the same thing. Write down how your feeling. Why? I thought. That isn’t going to change the situation. I needed to bury my head in the sand or take action. These were my thoughts depending on what day of the week it was and how bad I felt on that particular day.
One day I tried it. Writing it all down and to my surprise, I found it helped. You can read more about writing to help you heal here and discover what I did with my early writings.

Writing to help others heal

Now to the reason, why I wrote my first novel. In a nutshell, I believe using writing to help others heal, is my soul purpose in life. The purpose of each of my novels is to empower others. To help them realise they aren’t alone and there are people out there to help them. Here I share more with you about writing to help others heal.

About the first book:

Katie, A New Chapter

Obstacles are everywhere or, are they only in Katie’s mind?
Struggling to find her way in life, Katie battles with stress, anxiety, depression and the pain of a hysterectomy at a young age, leaving her without any children and all that followed.
Katie takes you into a wild world of rollercoaster rides, trials and tribulations, finding help and support in the strangest of places.
What were the butterflies trying to tell her?
Can Katie battle her demons, achieve her dreams and come out on top?

If, like Katie, you are struggling to find your self-worth, why not start your journey with me here and grab an eBook copy of my novel.

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