Using Writing To Help You Heal

Journaling for mental health

Using writing to help you heal is a powerful way of releasing any pent up emotions and past hurts, helping you unearth your self worth, or simply clearing your mind so that you can focus your attention where it needs to be in that moment.
Let’s take these one point at a time:

Using writing to help you heal pent up emotions:

Maybe you have wanted to voice something for a while but, you are too shy, scared or lack the confidence to express how your feeling. Why not write down these thoughts, as a letter addressed to whoever the situation concerns. Write down everything, don’t hold back. Being very cathartic, this can help to clear your head. You may find when reading it back later that your opinions or feelings have changed. That’s a good sign the letter has done its job.

I used to do this regularly when suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, but don’t make the mistake I made once. Don’t post the letter. Keep it if you think you may use it later or destroy it. I chose to destroy all of mine. Doing ritual burning ceremonies in my back garden every month around the time of the full moon to help me release the burden of the thought or situation.

Journaling for mental health

Using writing to help you heal past hurts:

I get it. You’re hurting from that break-up, that argument, that surgery, whatever it may be. Your self worth is at an all-time low. You want to get past that but, you don’t know how to. Why not try writing about it. Write as if you were trying to help someone in the same or a similar situation. What would you say to them? Write everything down about how you’re feeling, don’t hold back.
You’ll be amazed at how cathartic it feels once you get used to it. If you chose to, you could keep a diary, if not, as I did, you could destroy it.

Using writing to help you clear your mind:

You have a thousand and one things to do. Now. Where do you start? Writing a list of everything you need to do is a very effective way of clearing your mind. Once you’ve written the list, you can place each item in the order each task needs completing. This is useful if you have deadlines at work but also good to use for home life too, especially if you feel you need more structure and you don’t want to miss any tasks. Remember to complete the ones with the earliest deadline first. If you have no deadline, do the ones you least enjoy first and get them out of the way early. You will find the other tasks much more enjoyable.

I have destroyed all the writing I have done over the past decade. I burnt it all. Yep, set fire to the lot. It was all about releasing and letting go. Leaving the past behind, unearthing my self-worth and living a life I loved. Moving forward to a brighter future. I still have the urge to write, especially given the current world situation and the lockdown from March 2020. Now I’m writing my second novel based on some of my experiences from my 47 years on earth. Some were bad, some good but all were blessings in disguise to enable me to discover and fulfil my soul purpose and help others.

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